Are you playing Candy Crush Saga? Then read this tip to complete all levels in a short time. Candy Crush Saga is one of the most played game in Facebook and the game  launched in iOS and android now. With hundreds of interesting levels the puzzle game really addict peoples to play. But it is little tough to get complete every levels in Candy Crush Saga. Now we got Candy Crush Saga Tips to score maximum score. This Candy Crush Saga tips will help you to complete every level without waiting for new lives. Candy Crush Saga tricks cool

Candy Crush Saga Tips

To play Candy Crush Saga visit the  below direct links

Candy Crush Saga on Face book

Candy Crush Saga on android

Candy Crush Saga on iTunes

Start to play Candy Crush Saga. The below trick work only for android and iPhone version of Candy Crush Saga. We will update the latest tricks for Facebook users soon. Use Candy Crush Saga Trick after losing all lives while playing. I completed more than 36 levels of Candy Crush Saga up to now.  When i started to play it is easy to  complete each levels. But after the level increase the game became tough cry. I started to loose lives for each levels. After loosing all lives to start game either you need to ask your friends or need to pay for the lives else need to wait for next life count down. It frustrating to wait in front of the counter to get next life mad

Then i found a trick to in Candy Crush Saga. This Candy Crush Saga tip helped me to score maximum.  The steps for Candy Crush Saga game trick in Android version given below.

Open the game and start play after loosing all lives in Candy Crush Saga the below screen will appear.  Then close the game from phone. Note down the count down time before closing the game.

Candy Crush Saga tricks

Next open date and time from phone settings (Phone Settings > Date and time). Change the automatic date and time to manual. Now edit the phone time by existing time + The count down time.   After changing the time close the setting menu and start the Candy Crush Saga without any count down timer.Candy Crush Saga tips

Enjoy the Candy Crush Saga tip and score the best in Candy Crush Saga lol

See the below video that i made.

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